Exelby Services

Exelby Services are committed to Social Responsibility and a Greener Future

Exelby Services are working with us to make a significant difference to the People, Landscape and Wildlife of the Yorkshire Dales. They are supporting our work through tree dedications and help provide opportunities for young people.

So far, they have donated 425 trees and supported opportunities for 85 young people.

Exelby Services Ltd was established in 1976, but the origins of the business go back to the late 1940's, when Ron Exelby devised 'Diesel Bunkering' at a small repair and fuel filling station in the village of Londonderry on the A1 in North Yorkshire.

Over the years the fuel business expanded to include sites on the A19 - south of Teesside, at Carlisle on Junction 42 of the M6 and at Castleford on Junction 31 of the M62. Each of the sites were designed with trucks in mind and the facilities reflect this.

The company now handles more than140 million litres of diesel each year through the five sites and stores fuel for most of the major transport, distribution and fuel card companies in the UK. This makes it one of the largest independent bunkering suppliers in the country.

Rob Exelby said:

"We’re immensely proud to be partnering with YDMT as we push to reduce our environmental impact as a business while creating opportunities to support young people in the British countryside.”

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