Tate Oil

Tate Oil – tackling climate change, one tree at a time

For over 50 years, Tate Oil has supplied heating oil to tens of thousands of off grid customers in Yorkshire and beyond, and are proud to still be an independent, family-run fuel supplier based in the heart of the county.

Sean Parker, from Tate Oil said, 

“We know that fossil fuels have a huge impact on the environment, and we are ready to move to low carbon alternatives such as HVO, as soon as the government make it financially viable to the end user. In the meantime, to help lessen the effect our orders have on the planet, we have started with a tree planting project right here in Yorkshire.

Together with our customers, we are supporting vital afforestation projects, helping to make the county a greener place.

Tate Oil will support the planting of one tree for any qualifying customer - who places 4 orders for heating oil in a year. Having already planted 1000 trees, we are on target to plant 3,000 trees by 2024, helping to create beautiful new woodlands for everyone to enjoy in partnership with Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust.”


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