Small scale sustainable agriculture course

In this five part video series Neil and Rikke, of Growing with Grace organic food co-operative, provide a comprehensive overview of the key principles of small scale sustainable agriculture. 

Founder and head grower Neil, and grower Rikke are from Growing with Grace, a co-operative that supplies their local community in north-west England with fresh, locally grown organic food. The 2.5 acre market garden uses stock-free, no-dig, organic methods to create a resilient soil to produce a diverse range of fresh, healthy produce. They are driven by four main principles: sustainable agriculture, fairtrade, equitable employment and workplace spirituality.

This course has been brought to you as part of the Stories in Stone programme. 

Part 1 - Soil health and bed preparation

Learn the basic principles of what makes a healthy soil and how to prepare your bed for a new crop without causing damage in the process. 

Part 2 - Seeds, varieties and sowing

Find out why having the right seeds and the right varieties matters when growing sustainably and how to sow a crop successfully. 

Part 3 - Soil life and biodiversity

How life in the soil affects your crop and how, and why to welcome biodiversity into our growing spaces.

Part 4 - Plant families and crop rotation

A quick introduction to our important plant families and how crop rotation helps strengthen soil and plant health.

Part 5 - Composting and stock-free growing

The last in this video series explains how to compost and discusses why, and how, stock-free growing can be a crucial part of a sustainable future.