What your support means

Thanks to your donations and support we can continue to make a lasting impact across the Yorkshire Dales and beyond. For every £1 donated to YDMT in 2021, 80p has been invested directly in charitable activities.

   YDMT impact in numbers 2021

Our impact 

Despite a year of challenge and change, the amazing response from our supporters has enabled Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust to continue to make a real impact on the people, landscape and wildlife of the Yorkshire Dales and surrounding areas.

We share the highlights of our work during 2021 with you in our annual report, together with stories of the special people and places your donations are helping to support. 

Here are some of the highlights: 

  • 40 hectares of hay meadows were regenerated, increasing biodiversity and providing a vital food resource for pollinators and other insects.

  • 1,500 volunteers helped plant 11,000 plug plants and distribute over 450kg of hay meadow seed from donor sites.

  • 1,029 young people were inspired to care about the natural world and to learn new skills. Many vulnerable young people benefitted from longer-term engagement and support.

  • 31,851 native trees were planted in the Yorkshire Dales and surrounding areas, creating 27 hectares of new woodland. This includes 850 metres of hedgerow, important habitat for birds and small mammals.

  • £160,278 was distributed through our grants and partnership programmes to local organisations and partnerships making a real difference to their communities.

Read our 2021 Impact Report and latest Annual Report to find out how your support makes a lasting difference across the Yorkshire Dales and beyond.

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Together we can do amazing things

It’s thanks to people who love the Yorkshire Dales that make all this work possible. And with your support we can continue to do more amazing things.

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