Give a gift that feels good. Dedicate a tree in the Yorkshire Dales.  

There's a simple gift that will help nature right here in the Yorkshire Dales.

Dedicate a tree from £15 and help us to increase woodland cover, connect wildlife habitats and empower people to stand up for nature. Each tree dedication comes in a special gift pack with a personalised certificate and an invitation for you and the recipient of your tree gift to visit the woodland that you’ve helped make possible.  

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Together for Trees 

Planting trees is absolutely critical to help tackle climate change and nature loss. And it's even more important here in the Yorkshire Dales where woodland cover is just over 4% - compared to the national average of about 9%. Diseases, poor management, and our increasing disconnection with nature, all place a significant threat on the valuable woodlands we have left. 

Together for Trees is our campaign to create a landscape with more native broadleaf woodlands for people and wildlife. 

How can planting trees help? 

At YDMT we support woodland schemes of all shapes and sizes, including copses, connective planting and hedgerows as well as riparian strips along riverbanks. Smaller scale woodland creation is normally underfunded and overlooked, but has immense value for people, landscape and wildlife. These woodlands will absorb carbon, connect habitats, improve water quality and reduce flooding, as well as providing beautiful spaces for people to enjoy.

People are at the very heart of all our woodland schemes. We support communities to create their own woodlands, provide training for young people to get jobs in the sector and opportunities for everyone to get involved in tree planting and other woodland activities.

By bringing people together to plant the trees, we help develop skills, improve well-being, and inspire people to care for them in future.

How can I help?

Join thousands of people who are helping us to bring native woodlands back to the Yorkshire Dales. Dedicate a tree today from £15.