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Thursday January 28: Pollinators and Pollination: Nature and Society (7pm)

An overview of the diversity of pollinators in Britain, why they are important, and the threats to that diversity with Jeff Ollerton.

Jeff is one of the world’s leading pollinator ecologists. As a scientist and educator for over 30 years, he has developed an international profile in the field of biodiversity, focused particularly on understanding and conserving plant-pollinator interactions. His ground-breaking research has been used by national and international agencies to support efforts to conserve pollinators and their pollination services.

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Thursday February 18: B-Lines (7pm) 

Buglife’s B-Lines network is an imaginative solution to the problem of the loss of flowers and pollinators.

B-Lines are a series of ‘insect pathways’ running through our countryside and towns, along which Buglife are restoring and creating a series of wildflower-rich habitat stepping stones.

Catherine Jones talks about mapping the recently completed B-Lines map and some of the projects that have already created habitat for pollinators.

Catherine is the Pollinator Officer at Buglife having joined the Buglife team in 2017 to deliver the Urban Buzz Project in Leeds.

Catherine completed her PhD at Royal Holloway, University of London, then worked at the University of Leeds on the the UK Pollinator Monitoring Scheme. She still volunteers for CEH’s UK PoMS flower-insect timed counts and 1km square surveys.

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Thursday February 25: The Hidden Lives of Garden Bees (7pm) 

Brigit Strawbridge Howard will explain some of the basic differences between bumblebees, solitary bees, and honeybees – including lifecycles and nesting behaviour; the problems they all face; and, most important, what we can do to help.

Brigit is a wildlife gardener, amateur naturalist and advocate of bees. She writes and campaigns to raise awareness of the importance of native wild bees, and is the author of Dancing with Bees: A Journey Back to Nature

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