Dene Healthcare

Our partnership with Dene Healthcare is helping to create native woodlands and hedgerows in the Dales, and enabling more people to connect with nature. 

An investment that doesn't cost the earth

Dene Healthcare was established in 2007 and has since become one of the leading national suppliers to General Practice and Primary Care in the UK.

Known collectively to their customers as the ‘Dene Team’ they set up a sub-group of particularly environmentally conscious staff members called ‘The Green Team’ to measure, justify and reduce their carbon emissions to net zero by 2030!

Dene Healthcare has now reduced its total footprint in measured emissions by 72% and over 90% of their staff are now certified as carbon literate.

Determined to achieve their ambitious target in such a short period without ‘off-setting’, the ‘Green Team’ at Dene chose to partner with the Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust. Firstly as they are a proud Yorkshire based Company and secondly to further support what should be a global, combined effort!

To date Dene Healthcare have committed to supporting the planting of over 1,750 trees and plan to invest and contribute further in 2024.

Gareth Fox, Operations Manager and lead of Dene’s Green Team, said:

“We are delighted to have been accepted as a partner of Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust. The work they do is truly inspiring and motivational. It has become our ambition at Dene Healthcare to try and mimic the dedication and impact they have on our planet. Climate change is a global emergency and while no one can resolve the issue by themselves we believe establishing and aligning ourselves with organisations such as YDMT is a positive step towards building improved climate conscious networks for the future.”

YDMT is delighted to link with Dene Healthcare to ensure that even more native woodlands and hedgerows can be planted, as well as enabling more people to connect with nature, to care for our woodlands and boost their wellbeing.