The Fuelcard Company

YDMT encourages greener ways of living and working and we're pleased to partner with like-minded businesses who offer simple and effective ways to support the environment.

Our partnership with The Fuelcard Company has helped business drivers to reduce their environmental impact through new woodland creation.

A driving force behind new woodlands 

From 2011 to 2017 The Fuelcard Company and their customers contributed more than £1 million towards the creation of new woodlands through the EcoPoint scheme. The EcoPoint fuelcard offered a greener way for business drivers to manage their fuel with a contribution from each card every month supporting the creation of new native broadleaf woodland.

Contributions from the EcoPoint scheme supported Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust’s woodland restoration programme – providing funding and support to landowners to create new broadleaf woodlands. Working together with The Fuelcard Company we were able to plant 234,841 trees covering 173 hectares.  

Richard Brown, Commercial Director at The Fuelcard Company, said:

“It’s a pleasure to be able to help YDMT to deliver significant long term improvements to the landscape and natural habitat of the Dales, whilst helping our customers to minimise their impact on the environment.”

Wild garlic at Bolton Abbey

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