Mammals of the Yorkshire Dales

Learn about British mammals with YDMT's Hannah Rose, with a focus on species found locally in the Yorkshire Dales. Learn about tracks, droppings and other signs of activity that may help you to identify mammals visiting your garden.

Hannah has extensive experience of working with and surveying mammals and teaching ecology, geology and environmental education through her work with the Field Studies Council and her degree in Applied Biology. 

This course has been brought to you as part of the Stories in Stone programme. 

Part 1 - An introduction to mammals of the Yorkshire Dales

Find out about the basics of mammal taxonomy and identification, with a focus on mammals found in the Yorkshire Dales, but also covering the basics of all taxonomic families. 


Part 2 - Owl pellet analysis

Learn how to analyse the contents of owl pellets and identify small mammals from their skulls. 


Part 3 - Poo-vestigation! - mammal tracks and signs

Although mammal sightings in the dales are not all that common, this guidance on the analysis of footprints, droppings and other signs of activity may help you to investigate mammals that are visiting your local area and garden.