Together for Trees

Trees are amazing. But we urgently need to do more to protect our existing woodlands and plant new trees for the future. Together for Trees is our campaign to plant 100,000 native broadleaf trees in the Yorkshire Dales over the next two years, creating beautiful woodlands for everyone.
Can you help?    

hazel leaf  Help provide homes for our native wildlife

Trees are hugely valuable as a habitat for wildlife - a single oak tree can support up to 284 species of insects. Yet in the Yorkshire Dales native broadleaf woodland cover is just 2.7%, and many species of native wildlife are under threat. Support Together for Trees and help create new habitats for native wildlife – including some of our most endangered woodland animals, like red squirrels, dormice and cuckoos.

oak leaf  Help everyone enjoy our woodlands   

Trees do amazing things for our mental and physical wellbeing. Everyone should have access to them. We work with young carers, homeless people, refugees and asylum seekers, many of whom live with social isolation, disabilities or mental health problems, and don’t have the means to get out into the countryside and walk in the woods. With your support we can give more people the opportunity to visit and enjoy our woodlands, helping them to feel healthier and happier. Read how woodland bushcraft is inspiring young people  

   Help combat climate change and flooding

Trees help combat climate change by removing excess CO2 from the atmosphere. Woodlands also help reduce flooding, by limiting the amount of rainwater entering watercourses, reducing soil erosion and runoff. We need trees now more than ever. Yet as much as 80% of the world’s forests have been destroyed or irreparably degraded and our remaining woodlands are under threat from disease and poor management. Your support will help care for our existing woodlands and plant new trees for the future.

Support our trees   

There are lots of ways you can support our Together for Trees campaign and help us bring more beautiful broadleaf woodlands back to our countryside.

Dedicate a tree today from only £10

Give a regular donation for woodlands

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