Westgate Farm Wood

Westgate Farm Wood is located in Thornton in Lonsdale.

Westgate Farm wood, Ribblesdale
Westgate Farm wood, Ribblesdale

Our 2004 Supporter Woodland

Westgate Farm Wood is located in Thornton in Lonsdale. It was planted in 2005 with just over 1200 native broadleaf trees including Ash, Rowan, Sessile Oak, Bird Cherry, Hazel, Hawthorn and Holly. The new woodland amounted to almost 2.5 acres in size and linked with small areas of woodland adjacent to the site and other areas of woodland previously planted by YDMT nearby including Edith’s Wood (SD679740) and Cowgill Wood (SD685745). Westgate Farm Wood is easily accessible as it has a public footpath running across the northern boundary which passes Cowgill Farm and leads to the minor road leading from Thornton-In-Lonsdale to Dent, though visitors are asked not to venture away from the footpath as the woodland is on private ground.

Access and directions

From Thornton in Lonsdale follow the road signed Dent passing Glebe Farm and Thornton Hall. As the road levels out slightly, turn left (at the top of the hill next to the Thornton viewing point) and passing a communications mast follow the road until you reach Westgate Farm Wood. The farm buildings are on the right and the wood is on the opposite side of the road. A public footpath runs along the top of the fields, this is marked from the road by a wooden signpost.

PLEASE NOTE: The woodland is situated on private land - perimeter access only is allowed.

Grid Reference: SD 681747

Download the Westgate Farm wood fact sheet with directions and maps