Green Futures

Green Futures brings environmental opportunities to the ambitious and capable young people of Yorkshire and Lancashire. Through a range of innovative projects we aim to inspire, support and empower young people to create positive environmental change.

Young people aren’t just the leaders of tomorrow. They have the energy, skills and ideas to change the world today. We must support and empower them to lead the way in creating a more just world, both now and in the future.

The Green Influencers Scheme supports young people to create deep, lasting and meaningful connections with the natural environment. With the support of YDMT’s Green Mentor they will learn new skills that will inspire them to lead the way as ‘Green Influencers’ in their communities.

What is The Green Influencers scheme?

The pioneering, country-wide Green Influencers scheme, is funded by The Ernest Cook Trust, the #iwill Fund, The National Lottery Community Fund, and The Department of Digital, Culture Media and Sport.

The scheme funds 40 Green Mentors based at organisations across England, supporting groups of young ‘Green Influencers’ in their environmental social action projects.

Meet Rosie – YDMT’s Green Mentor!

Rosie is YDMT’s Green Mentor and it’s her job to engage and support Green Influencers in the Yorkshire Dales and its surrounding towns and cities. With Rosie’s guidance and support, young people will develop their own ideas and projects that help make positive changes in their communities. That might be anything from planting trees, and creating wildlife patches to community recycling schemes, eco campaigns, and environmental events.

Rosie Russell-Cohen YDMT Green Mentor

Together Rosie and our Green Influencers will deliver at least twelve projects that will protect and enhance the local environment and help tackle climate change.

Who is Green Influencers for?

If you’d like to do something positive for the environment, but you don’t know where to start, Green Influencers could be for you!   

We’re looking for young people aged from 11 to 14-years-old in the Yorkshire Dales area, as well as surrounding communities, including Bradford, Blackburn, Darwen and Leeds. 

If you are a young person or you know someone who might be interested, or perhaps you’re a teacher, community or youth leader, please get in touch with Rosie to find out more, email

Why is it important?  

Only 4 in 10 young people that want to take part in youth social action, actually do. In disadvantaged communities where young people are less able to access the many benefits this figure is even lower.

Most young people just need to be given the opportunity to take part.

As part of the Green Influencers scheme YDMT will help many young people take part in social action for the first time, and will empower them to build lasting connections to the natural environment that improve their health and well-being.

We will support young people to develop a range of leadership skills through exploring, creating and leading on environmental projects. This means they’ll be more likely to continue to engage in social action in the future, becoming role models in their communities and inspiring others to take part.

By meeting regularly with other like-minded people, our Green Influencers will make friends, build confidence, and feel less isolated. Not only that, they can also connect with other Green Influencers from across England, to create positive social change in their communities and beyond.  

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