Hay Time

Hay Time is an ambitious project that aims to save our disappearing species-rich hay meadows, grasslands and the wildlife they support.

Working with farmers to restore meadows across the Dales

The Hay time project strapline ‘Working with farmers to restore meadows across the Dales’ sums up our approach and ethos. We recognise and value the central role of farmers and other land managers in the long-term management of meadows and we appreciate farmers’ intimate knowledge and experience of upland farming. The work we have done to save our meadows wouldn’t be possible without their commitment and support.


The original Yorkshire Dales Hay time project was a partnership between Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust and the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority, and was supported by Natural England, Yorkshire Wildlife Trust and the National Trust. Beyond the original project we’ve been extremely grateful for the support and donations from many individuals and organisations, without whom our Hay Time work simply would not be possible.

So why are we still making meadows?

Even in the Yorkshire Dales, one of the few strongholds for our remaining meadows, the fragmented nature of these precious habitats makes them vulnerable. Much more needs to be done to consolidate and expand this precious resource and reverse the dramatic loss of biodiversity.

Help save our wildflower meadows and support the hundreds of species of wildlife they are home to.