Haytime Rescue

Haytime Rescue brings communities together in the Forest of Bowland to help enhance wildflower meadow habitats and support the bees and wildlife they are home to.

Stephen Park meadows in the Forest of Bowland

Stephen Park meadows in the Forest of Bowland

The Forest of Bowland is a haven for wildflowers, but the species-rich meadows where they thrive are vulnerable habitats that have become increasingly scarce because of agricultural intensification.

Haytime Rescue continues our vital work to restore the network of species-rich meadows across the Forest of Bowland – providing new homes for bees, butterflies and other pollinators and helping to safeguard some of our most rare native wildflowers.

Meadow enhancement

In addition to ongoing meadow restoration work Haytime Rescue will enhance existing meadows by introducing species of native meadow plants that can be difficult to establish. Late-flowering species, like melancholy thistle, globeflower and birds eye primrose, are often missed from restoration schemes that are reliant on moving green hay from field to field.

Working together for wildflowers    

Haytime Rescue will provide the inspiration, training and resources to enable more people to look after our meadows and increase their botanical diversity.

The project will deliver training and support for volunteers who will learn about propagating plants from sustainably sourced seed and how to 'foster' the plug plants, looking after them until they are large enough to be planted out into suitable restored meadow sites across Bowland.

How to grow a wildflower garden 


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