Long Preston Floodplain Project

Enhancing the important wet grassland habitats of the Ribble floodplain between Long Preston and Settle.

The Long Preston Floodplain Project aims to improve public access to the floodplain area for people to learn about the grassland, its birds, wildlife and management.

Visiting the Long Preston Deeps

Visitors can already enjoy improved access to the 'Deeps' wet grassland area, with a 'Long Preston Wetland Trail' along with a bird hide, improvements to footpaths, walls, stiles and car parking. A set of information boards highlight distinctive features of the area. Download the Long Preston Floodplain Project Trail

Bird hide on the Long Preston floodplain    Walking the Long Preston Floodplain trail    Birs watching at Long Preston Floodplain

Schools and educational visits 

The project has unlocked a valuable educational resource. As a nationally important conservation site and Site of Special Scientific Interest, it attracts conservationists, historical groups and researchers and provides a unique opportunity for school children and students to learn about farming practices (past and present) and environmental management on the floodplain.

Jane Lait, Rathmell Primary School teacher, said:

“Our children are discovering more about the Long Preston floodplain and appreciating the importance and value of the wet grassland as a habitat for a wide variety of plant and animal species. Many of these children are from families within the local farming community and already have a connection with the area. Our children are part of the wet grassland at present - but could also be the guardians of its future.”

Local businesses

The project is keen to support the use of local businesses in the area of Long Preston, Rathmell, Wigglesworth, Giggleswick and Settle. Visit the Long Preston Floodplain project website for a list of local businesses.