Long Preston Floodplain Project

Enhancing the important wet grassland habitats of the Ribble floodplain between Long Preston and Settle.

The Long Preston Floodplain partnership

The Long Preston Floodplain Project is a partnership between Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust, Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB), Natural England, the Environment Agency, North Yorkshire County Council, Ribble Rivers Trust local landowners and the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority.

The project has received funding from Natural England, the Environment Agency and the Yorkshire Dales LEADER programme in addition to our own resources.  

Long Preston Floopplain Project 10 year celebration
Long Preston Flooplain 10 year celebration in 2014

The Ribblesdale Farmers Group

Farmers with land in the Long Preston Deeps area set up The Ribblesdale Farmers Group in 2017 to look at natural flood management measures that they can implement on their land. The Ribblesdale Farmers Group also aims to make the farmed landscape better for wildlife and farming, as well as helping to prevent flooding and improving water quality. The group enables local farmers to collaborate – sharing knowledge and experience and working together to improve the sustainability of their farms and to enable better access to funding for capital works.

The Group received European Union funding from the Countryside Stewardship Scheme’s Facilitation Fund to build on the success of the Long Preston Floodplain Project. The successful bid was developed by Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust in conjunction with local farmers and the Ribble Rivers Trust Read more