Meadow Links

Over the last fifty years 97% of meadows in the UK have been lost, putting hundreds of species of wildflowers and plants, bees, birds and other native wildlife at risk. Meadow Links aims to restore hay meadow habitats along our ecological networks – creating wildflower superhighways that will help wildlife move across the Yorkshire Dales landscape.

Grow your own wildflower garden

Encourage bees and wildlife into your back garden by creating your own wildflower lawn or wildlife patch.

Read about Creating a wildflower lawn or meadow in our factsheet and buy wildflower seed mix from our shop which is sustainably sourced from meadows across northern England.

You can also watch how to collect and store wildflower seed and how to grow and plant out wildflower plug plants to create or restore a wildflower meadow or garden in these four instructional videos which were created for the Wildflowers in the Meadows project, delivered by YDMT in the Forest of Bowland AONB. 

Save our precious meadows

Our work to restore species-rich hay meadows is possible because of donations and support from people like you. Together we can save these precious and complex habitats and protect the wildflowers, plants, pollinators and other wildlife that depend on them. Your support will make the world of difference to the future of our precious meadows.


Flowers of the Dales Festival

Discover the wonderful wildflowers of the Yorkshire Dales with hundreds of wildflower & nature events for everyone.

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