Meadow Makers

Meadow Makers continues our vital work to restore the network of species-rich meadows across the Forest of Bowland.

Gardening for wildlife 

Bee borage

Create a wildflower patch or mini-meadow (if you're lucky to have the space) in your own garden to attract a variety of wildlife and provide colours, scents and sounds throughout summer. 

Wildflowers are amazing for bumblebees and other pollinating insects like hoverflies and they also provide food for birds, voles, shrews, hedgehogs and other small mammals.

Find out more about Gardening for Wildlife and watch our instructional videos to learn how to create or restore your own wildflower garden or meadow from collecting and growing wildflower seed through to planting out plug plants.

You can also buy a Wildflower Meadow Starter Kit from our shop, which includes wildflower seeds and information about creating a wildflower meadow.


Help save our wildflower meadows 

97% of species-rich wildflower meadows have been lost - one of the best habitats for bees and pollinators. Make a donation or give a Living Bouquet wildflower gift today and help protect our precious meadows.