Raising environmental awareness

The Youth Environmental Action Fund supports young people to raise awareness of the environmental issues that are important to them. 

Ludus Dance Company - Polluted People

Lancashire based Ludus Youth Dance Company made use of their £1,000 grant to create a call to action in response to plastic pollution.

The flagship youth company wanted to help its members, aged 14-21, to deepen their understanding of the importance of reducing plastic waste and then empower them to articulate a creative response using their new found knowledge.

The group gained first-hand experience of plastic pollution when they had a site visit to their local coastline in Morecambe. They completed a litter pick and collected and removed two refuse sacks full of plastic rubbish.

Here is what some of the young people involved said:  

“I am now more aware of the major crisis we have with plastic. We need to all play our part in making choices that reduce our wasteful use of single use disposable plastic. We must all act now.” -

“We went on a walk that took us outside of Lancaster, litter picking on the way. I was so shocked at the amount of plastic we picked up. Two full bin bags and we had barely scratched the surface of the amount of plastic we saw/couldn't get to. It made me realise just how drastic the plastic pollution situation is.”

“The research was really shocking, obviously we knew about plastic pollution before the project, but to see how bad the effects of it were (especially in the site we looked at) emphasised how much of an issue plastic causes.”

Back at the studio, the group devised and choreographed a performance that was delivered during Morecambe Carnival Festival and Preston flag market. A series of workshops have also taken place in schools in the area. A Virtual Reality film of the project has been adapted as part of an education pack to be delivered to 5 schools in the Lancashire area, reaching over 500 young people.

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