Gardening for wildlife

How to bring bees, pollinators and other wildlife into your garden. 

You don’t need a big garden or lots of time to make a real difference to wildlife in your own outdoor spaces. Follow our tips, printable guides and videos to find out more.   

1. Grow bee-friendly bulbs 

Autumn is a great time of year to think ahead and plant some bulbs to help out bees and other pollinators as they emerge in early spring. Find out our top bulbs for bees and a read our quick Guide to growing bulbs for bees

Tulip bulb

2. Bee a bee-friendly gardener!  

Follow our Bee friendly gardening guide and help to provide food and shelter for bees and other pollinators all year round. 

Bee borage

Our top tips 

  • Don’t be too tidy! Leaving uncut grass, stems and stalks, and nooks and crannies around your garden provides shelter and nesting sites for bees and other pollinators.
  • Plant in blocks of at least three. This makes it easier for bees to locate your plants and find their food.
  • Buy organically grown plants and seeds when you can. Shop-bought plants may have been treated with pesticides that affect bee’s behaviour.
  • Plant flowers in which you can see the pollen and nectar yourself. If you can see it, most pollinators probably can too. Many bedding plants are sterile and pretty useless for pollinators. 

3. Create a wildflower patch or meadow 

A wildflower patch or mini-meadow (if you're lucky to have the space) will bring a wide variety of wildlife into your garden and provide colours, scents and sounds throughout summer. Wildflowers are amazing for bumblebees and other pollinating insects like hoverflies and they also provide food for birds, voles, shrews, hedgehogs and other small mammals. Read our guide on how to Grow your own mini-meadow or buy a Wildflower Meadow Starter Kit from our shop, which includes wildflower seeds and information about creating a wildflower meadow.

Wildflower meadow garden

4. How to collect wildflower seed to create a wildflower meadow or garden

Watch the first in our series of instructional videos on how to collect and store wildflower seed to create or restore a wildflower meadow or garden. 


5. How to dry and store wildflower seeds 


6. How to sow and grow wildflower plug plants


7. How to plant out wildflower plug plants

The last in our series of instructional videos showing you how to to create or restore a wildflower meadow or garden.