Illuminet were inspired to do more for the environment after celebrating their 10 year anniversary. So we were delighted when they chose to partner with us at YDMT to plant trees.

Illuminet is a consultancy that seeks to inspire change, being innovative about how they deliver change and wanting to deliver transformative results. This involves designing and delivering Target Operating Models, technology & service optimisation and transformational change programmes, offering unique fixed price consulting products and offering high quality recruitment solutions.

Illuminet focuses on accelerating and simplifying change, working collaboratively with partners, clients and service providers, to ensure a positive outcome for the client.

In addition to the core team, Illuminet uses an ECO system of trusted 1200 associates and partners globally. They believe in doing the right thing for clients, being transparent and being sustainable.

In 2019 illuminet celebrated their 10th Anniversary, and as part of the celebrations wanted to ensure their services are ecologically sustainable. They were inspired to do more for the environment and wanted to take responsibility for the world and protect our planet.

So we were delighted when they chose to partner with us here at YDMT to plant trees.

IIlluminet donates money to plant one tree for each week that one of their consultants is delivering to their clients. In the first two months they supported the planting of almost 600 trees! We hope to see the Illuminet team soon to take part in some hands-on tree planting.

We’re really excited to have illuminet involved, and can’t wait to keep you updated of their tree totals! 

Illuminet partner with YDMT to plant trees

Greg Wood, illuminet CEO, and Steve Farmer, with YDMT's Sarah Hodgson and BBC's Lindsey Chapman

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