Veteran Trees talk

Join Vanessa Champion, Ancient and Veteran Tree recorder for the Woodland Trust, as she gives an insight into the importance of ancient and veteran trees and how you can identify these trees in your local area.

You will also hear about the Ancient Tree Inventory (ATI), and how you can get involved in recording veteran trees to help protect them in future.

Ancient and veteran trees are significant features of our local landscape and make a considerable contribution both to its biodiversity and attractiveness. They are as much a part of our national heritage as stately homes, cathedrals and works of art, but they don't get the same recognition or protection.

The Woodland Trust Ancient Tree Inventory (ATI) has been developed to build a national database of our most valued trees. Identifying where these trees are takes us a step closer to giving them the care and protection they need and to understanding more about their importance for us and wildlife.

Anyone can participate in recording these trees, perhaps seeking them out in the local area or spotting them when on holiday or out walking.


More resources to help you to start recording trees to the Ancient Tree Inventory are available on the Woodland Trust website. 

This workshop was delivered as part of YDMT's Together for Trees project, which is bringing people together to create new native woodlands, hedgerows and landscape trees in the Yorkshire Dales and Nidderdale.