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Discover our woodlands and native trees, with expert talks, activities and lots more...


Recognising and reporting Ancient and Veteran Trees

Join Vanessa Champion, Ancient and Veteran Tree recorder for the Woodland Trust, as she gives an insight into the importance of ancient and veteran trees and how you can identify these trees in your local area. 

Oak leaves

Woodlands in the Dales talk

An overview of trees and woodlands in the Dales, exploring how they have changed in recent years and looking at what may influence the treescapes of the future. Woodlands in the Dales talk

David Evans Limestone tree

Top 10 things to do in the woods!

Woods are exciting places to explore. You can run around, use all your senses, get muddy and have hours of fun. There will be lots of wildlife for you to get to know and you will find that no two visits are the same. View our Top 10 things to do in the woods!

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