Dales Woodland Restoration

Tree planting is one of the most important things you can do for the environment. We’re working together with our partners and supporters to create a landscape with more native broadleaf woodlands for people and wildlife.

1.5 million trees!

Tree planting is perhaps what the Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust is most well known. Since we first started out in 1996 we’ve helped to plant around 1.5 million broadleaf trees, creating native woodlands of all shapes and sizes throughout the Yorkshire Dales and Nidderdale. It’s something that’s very close to our hearts.

Why plant trees?

Planting trees is one of the most important things you can do for the environment. Restoring native woodlands will help to;  

  • Absorb carbon and help to combat climate change
  • Create new habitats for wildlife and support biodiversity
  • Create natural spaces where people can relax and enjoy themselves
  • Protect the landscape against flooding and erosion and improve water quality
  • Restore part of our natural landscape that’s been lost due to deforestation. The UK has only 13% woodland cover, compared with an EU average of 37% - in the Yorkshire Dales that figure falls to just 4.8%.

Double woodland cover 

Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust is part of the Dales Woodland Forum and our aim is to double the amount of broadleaf woodland in the dales by 2020. This will be done by creating new broadleaf and mixed plantations, ideally next to existing woodland. Tree species planted will be those naturally found in the Dales, including oak, downy birch, rowan and alder.

For the love of trees! 

We’re not alone in our campaign to bring beautiful native woodlands back to the Dales. We work with partners, landowners and rely on donations and support from many thousands of people who share our love of trees. Follow the links below to find out how you can get involved and help us plant more trees.  

Dedicate a tree

Trees planting for businesses 

Volunteering opportunties for businesses


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