Nature Activities

14 fun activities to try in your own back garden 

1. Grow sweet peas from seed  

Many of our bees are in trouble because there are not enough flowers growing for them to find food. Follow this simple guide to grow your own sweet peas from seed and give wild bees some much needed food this summer! How to grow sweet peas 

Sweet pea

2. Make your own seedling pots 

Keep bumblebees and pollinators happy this spring by planting seedlings grown in your very own seedling pots! All you need is some junk mail or newspaper, tape and a spice pot. Plant thyme, rosemary, lavender and hyssop to keep bees really happy. 


3. Make a nature's rainbow colour chart  

How many shades of green or yellow can you find in your garden? Here's how to make a natural colour chart using things you can find in your own back garden. We'd love to see yours! Nature's Colour Chart Activity.  

Make a nature colour chart


4. Propagate your own herbs 

Growing herbs is a great way to attract bees to your garden. Here's how to propagate your own for free! 


5. Make a trail 

Trails can transform the most boring place into an adventure! Why not create a trail with clues? You can use photos, written clues, arrows made from sticks, flour animal prints or even grid references for your trail. You could hide some pretend treasure and draw a map. Give the map or clues to someone in your household and see if they can follow them to find the treasure. 

Make a nature trail activity


6. Hapa Zome - create some Japanese leaf art! 

This is one of our favourite activities! Japanese leaf art is really easy to do and makes wonderful bunting, or frame your leaf art with twigs to make your own Hapa Zome work of art. How to create your own Japanese leaf art. 

Hapa zome Japanese leaf art activity


7. Tree-mendous spring quiz!  

Do you know your Hazel from your Horse Chestnut? Test your your tree knowledge with this tree-mendous quiz, and why not share your own photos with us online? Spring Trees quiz.

Elder tree in blossom spring


8. Make a nordic braid 

All you need to make your own nordic braid is some string or wool and a bit of rhythm! You can make your braid into a bookmark, wristband, hair tie…. you decide! How to make a nordic braid.

Make a nordic braid nature activity


9. Make a wind chime 

There are so many things to do on windy days. This activity is a great way to use those sticks you collected on a woodland walk! How to make a wind chime. 

Wind chimes


10. Create a Green Man

A green man is a symbol of all the new growth in spring. We made ours on a tree trunk using clay, sticks and greenery, Read the Make a green man activity sheet to find out how to make your own clay...all you need is soil and water! 

Green man tree face


11. Build a nest 

Have you heard the tale about how crows building their nests high up in the tree means it will be a good summer? This is apparently because they are rubbish at building nests, so if they feel it is going to be wet and windy they will build them lower down. Can you build your own nest? Why not decorate some hard boiled eggs to fill your nest too! 

Build a nest


12. Weave your own fence pattern!

We've all collected sticks and twigs on our walks - why not create a mini-fence by weaving them together? Check our our weaving activity sheet to find out how!

Weaving activity


13. Make a stone mini-beast

Did you know there are more than 5000 different types of ladybird and one single ladybird can eat 5000 aphids in its lifetime! Make your own ladybird or mini-beast with this activity to try at home. Stone mini-beast activity sheet

Stone mini-beast activity

14. How to grow a sunflower

Give the bees a treat this summer - plant sunflower seeds in Spring and see how tall they grow! Grow a sunflower activity sheet